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Tony Mase

The first time I read "Wallace D. Wattles' Wealth Science Course", two passages in particular jumped out at me:

"In order to get what you want, you must act..."


"... you must reach what you want by ACTING; by doing things."

Couldn't have been much more explicit, could he?

Yet, it never ceases to amaze me how many folks who claim to be following his philosophy sit around on their butts all day trying to hocus-pocus their way to success, success being getting what you want.

My advice?

Don't you be one of them!

Here's something for you to ponder today. It comes from Mr. Wattles' Wealth Science Course as well:

"Do not sit down and try to ATTRACT the thing you want to you; but begin to move toward the thing you want, and you will find it coming to meet you. Action and reaction are equal; and the person who steadily and purposefully moves forward with one thing in view becomes a center toward which the thing he seeks is drawn with irresistible power..."

Therein lies the "secret", the *real* secret!

Need I say more?

I'd really like to think I don't.

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