Which of Your Books Should I Read?
Want a More Abundant Life? You've Got to Change Your Beliefs

What Can You Do for Those Who Want to Learn/Study the Principles of Wallace D. Wattles?

In a survey I conducted, a reader wrote:

"Hi Tony,

Thanks again for the opportunity to ask a question.

I have a strong desire to join your Tony Mase's Inner Circle "Fast-Track Coaching" program or receive personal coaching from you through The Power eSchool Interactive Personal Coaching program, but it appears neither of these programs are available anymore.

Question: What can you do for students like me who are desirous of learning/studying the principles of Mr. Wattles?

I am anxious to read your response and possible advice or additional tips that would help me create my wants much quicker.

Thanks in advance."

You're most welcome.

You're correct, both of those coaching programs, Tony Mase's Inner Circle "Fast-Track Coaching" (a group coaching program) and The Power eSchool Interactive Personal Coaching (a personal coaching program), are no longer available.

However, I've been incorporating the very best of the coaching materials I used in those programs into the books I've been writing and/or publishing on Amazon, and I'm making them available for far less (far, far, far  less!) than what it would've cost you to participate in either of those coaching programs.

For a list of the core books I recommend you read, in the order that I recommend you read them (the first book on the list being somewhat of an exception), in order to systematically study and apply Wallace D. Wattles' writings to your life, I refer you to my last post titled "Which of Your Books Should I Read?". Click or tap the link below to read it.

Click or tap here to read my "Which of Your Books Should I Read?" post.

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Tony Mase

Here's something for you to ponder today...

It comes from Wallace D. Wattles' article titled "Your Own Ability", the sixth of the fifteen articles in his "Lessons in Constructive Science" series:

"Education is measured, not by the number of books the individual has read, but by his capacity for doing things..."

Think about it!

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