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Dear Tony,

I really needed this today of all days. I've understood this for awhile and have actually taught it myself.

I've faced challenges all of my life and for those who feel fear, fight it back and know the universe would not put you to the challenge of you couldn't do it.

The best way to face them is to have a game plan and just go for it. Life is short. Don't wait for life to pass you by.

Regrets are a bitter taste and we'll outweigh any fear or reason for procrastinating.

Great post Tony. And again I needed this as I am embarking on the challenge of a lifetime and this served as validation that I'm headed in the right direction.

Love and Light to you! Wallace Wattles would be proud!

Humbly yours,


Tony Mase

Sometime's we all have to be reminded of what we already know. Thank you for your comment Janet, and thank you for your kind words!

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