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Napoleon Hill on How Things Come to You

Warning: This quote is a bit longer than those I normally use in this category (Wallace D. Wattles Related Quotes), but it's worth reading, well worth reading, every single word of it... again, and again, and again! It explains ever so nicely one of the most misunderstood things Wallace D. Wattles wrote about and what's most misunderstood about the so-called "law of attraction".

Several months ago, I decided to sit down and read Napoleon Hill's (Napoleon Hill being best known for his book Think and Grow Rich) first book The Law of Success (not an easy task, I might add), something I'd attempted to do many times (many, many, many times) but failed most miserably in the years prior to my finding Wallace D. Wattles' writings.

While reading this massive tome, I was struck by one passage in particular, so much so that I wanted to share it with you.

Here it is:

"Bear in mind the fact that you do not sit down and wait, nor do you go to bed and sleep, with the expectation of awaking to find that infinite intelligence has showered you with the object of your definite chief aim. You go right ahead, in the usual way, doing your daily work in accordance with the instructions laid down in Lesson Nine of this course, with full faith and confidence that natural ways and means for the attainment of the object of your definite purpose will open to you at the proper time and in a suitable manner.

The way may not open suddenly, from the first step to the last, but it may open one step at a time. Therefore, when you are conscious of an opportunity to take the first step, take it without hesitation, and do the same when the second, and the third, and all subsequent steps, essential for the attainment of the object of your definite chief aim, are manifested to you.

Infinite intelligence will not build you a home and deliver that home to you, ready to enter; but infinite intelligence will open the way and provide the necessary means with which you may build your own house.

Infinite intelligence will not command the cashier of your bank to place a definite sum of money to your credit, just because you suggested this to your subconscious mind; but infinite intelligence will open to you the way in which you may earn or borrow that money and place it to your own credit.

Infinite intelligence will not throw out the present incumbent of the White House and make you President in his place; but infinite intelligence would most likely proceed, under the proper circumstances, to influence you to prepare yourself to fill that position with credit and then help you to attain it through the regular method of procedure.

Do not rely upon the performance of miracles for the attainment of the object of your definite chief aim; rely upon the power of infinite intelligence to guide you, through natural channels, and with the aid of natural laws, for its attainment. Do not expect infinite intelligence to bring to you the object of your definite chief aim; instead, expect infinite intelligence to direct you toward that object."

Extremely well said!

If you'd like some real-life examples of how things come to you when you're thinking and acting in the "Certain Way", as Mr. Wattles referred to it in his book The Science of Getting Rich, whether you know it or not, I suggest you grab a copy of a short book I wrote titled How Things Come to You. Click or tap the link below to get your copy today.

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Note 1: What Napoleon Hill referred to as the object of your definite chief aim or purpose is what Wallace D. Wattles more broadly referred to as your vision.

Note 2: What Napoleon Hill referred to as infinite intelligence is what Wallace D. Wattles is what Wallace D. Wattles referred to by many different names in his writings, all of them referring to the one intelligent substance from which all things are made.

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