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Have you ever had a certain "gut feeling" about something? This is a feeling that makes you believe that something is true or that something is going to happen. There's no evidence or logic behind a gut feeling. It's just a "sixth sense" or a "hunch" that makes you believe that this thing is real. Well, this feeling is actually your intuition at work.

A person's intuition is very powerful. It comes and goes in each individual. You never know when your intuition will activate. For some people, it activates from specific sounds like birds chirping or cars honking. For fewer people, intuition is a controllable and powerful force that most other people don't experience. You could call it a natural-born gift if you will.

If you were to ask an astrologer about intuition, they'd tell you that Pisces and Scorpios have increased intuition compared to the average person. Of course, the scientific community doesn't endorse astrology and the signs that go along with it. The truth is that anyone is capable of having strong intuition.

It's a blessing to have a strong intuition. For one thing, communication will no longer be a problem for you. You'll have more sensitivity and empathy for the people who you interact with each day. Most importantly, you're less prone to unintentionally hurting your loved ones.

Intuitive people are also creative people. Intuition can help you create better creative work, such as music, paintings, books, and so on. The more you exercise your intuition, the more you'll achieve in life.

Many people don't achieve what they want in life because they're so indecisive and insecure. Strong intuition can help a person make better decisions and have more confidence in them. That means no regret.

You can internally heal yourself with a strong intuition. All the negative energy building inside of you can finally get released. As you keep releasing this negative energy every day, you'll start to become a happier and healthier person.

Here are the top 6 ways that you can increase the strength of your intuition:

1. Get hypnotized.

Visit a professional hypnotist and ask them to help you connect with your inner intuition. If you can't afford a hypnotist, then try to hypnotize yourself.

2. Meditate.

Modern society puts so much stress on people's shoulders. If you focus on this stress every day, then you'll lose touch with the intuition that's inside of you. That's why you should release the stress, anxiety, and negative energy from your body by practicing meditation. The more negative energy you release, the closer you'll get to finding your intuition.

Meditation involves breathing exercises, focusing on no more than one thing at a time, and placing yourself in a quiet and peaceful environment. You may want to take a yoga class or professional meditation class for assistance with this.

3. Make a big decision small.

Big decisions can feel like heavy weights on your shoulders. If you keep focusing on that weight, then you can't focus on your intuition. Take the weight off your shoulders by finding a quiet place in your mind where there are no inhibitions. Once you find that place, your intuitive voice can be heard.

4. Trust your first impressions.

A gut reaction is the first impression that you get when you see or hear something or someone for the first time. Gut reactions are usually honest and reliable. Your intuition is responsible for those gut reactions. That is why you shouldn't try to ignore them. Instead, trust them!

5. Think positive.

Positive things happen to positive thinkers. If you think positive, then your mind will be filled with positive energy. All the stresses, fears, worries, and anxieties that you have will start to vanish. Then you can connect with your intuition and let that guide you more each day.

Whenever you have a happy moment, try to keep that moment alive for as long as possible. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to find good things in life, so make them last when they do occur. As for the rest of the time, keep searching for those positive things until you find them. Stop harping on the negativity.

6. Don't wait.

Practice one or more of the techniques above each day. You must put in the work if you want to develop your intuition. Eventually, you'll get to the point where your intuition will pop up and surprise you unexpectedly. That's when you'll be a strong-willed person with a positive mindset.

It's been said that:

"Prayer is us talking to God; intuition is God talking to us."

How true!

Of all the things that I've learned since I began studying Wallace D. Wattles' writings, learning to trust my "gut", so to speak, and go with it certainly ranks among the most important.

Here's the deal:

If something feels good or right, odds are that it is. If, on the other hand, something doesn't feel good or right, odds are that it isn't. It's really that simple!

Now, simple as it may be, it's real easy to sometimes misinterpret what you're feeling, but over time, with practice, it's something that you'll continually get better at.

So, guess what you should do?

You got it...


Begin paying more attention to what you're feeling and then acting in accordance with those feelings.

Trust me, you'll be glad that you did!

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Note: I'm not sure who to credit the above quote to. I've seen it or something similar credited to several different people. Who said it first, I know not.

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Thank you, Tony, for this confirmation of where I seem to be right now. I have a chronic illness that is trying to teach me to listen to my "intuition" and live my life by paying attention to what God is saying to me each moment. I place my hands over my heart, breath deeply and listen. I have been getting much guidance for each baby step I take. I've tried too much to look at the "big picture" of my life: where am I going, what am I suppose to do. etc. Instead, it's a daily living style that I must learn. I started with W. Wattles years ago with Rebecca Fine. I keep coming back to creative thought when I put aside my striving. Thanks for your work.

Tony Mase

You're welcome Kathy. Thanks for your comment!

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