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How Do You Manifest Money Without Doing Anything for It?

Recently, a reader wrote:

"Thank You for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

I have been studying and working to understand this for about 15 or more years of my life.... And I get it....

I have a question?

My life is good, and I lived through the World Trade Center Bombing, lost my house in H Sandy, etc....and much more.... but I am in a very good place. I am a Vegetarian, Don't Drink, Smoke, or Use any drugs at all.... nothing. And this knowledge that I have worked at getting, along with what most people would call a Miracle and Proof that there is a lot more going on that we know, has carried me through.

Here is my question:

How do you simply manifest money? Dollars? Not having to do anything for it.... Just manifest Money.



Where do I begin?

Those who've been following my work for a while, either through this blog and/or my writings, know that I'm not real fond of the use of the word manifest and its derivatives.



Because, more often than not, as in every single time, and this is yet one more example to add to the ever-growing pile, when I'm asked a question using that word or one of its derivatives, usually by a "law-of-attraction" follower, it's used in the context of getting something for nothing.

They're looking for some magical incantation to chant or some secret method to get their vibration just right, or some other such nonsense, to get the good fairy of the universe to mystically plop what they want right into their lap without any effort on their part whatsoever.

Here's the deal:

The universe doesn't work that way!

Might it seem like it does sometimes?


But does it really?


Will the universe aid you in your quest?


But it's not going to simply hand it to you without any effort on your part.

In Chapter 11 of his book The Science of Getting Rich ("Acting in the Certain Way"), Wallace D. Wattles wrote:

"Thought is the creative power, or the impelling force which causes the creative power to act; thinking in a Certain Way will bring riches to you, but you must not rely upon thought alone, paying no attention to personal action. That is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysical thinkers meet shipwreck - the failure to connect thought with personal action.

We have not yet reached the stage of development, even supposing such a stage to be possible, in which man can create directly from Formless Substance without nature's processes or the work of human hands; man must not only think, but his personal action must supplement his thought.

By thought you can cause the gold in the hearts of the mountains to be impelled toward you; but it will not mine itself, refine itself, coin itself into double eagles, and come rolling along the roads seeking its way into your pocket.

Under the impelling power of the Supreme Spirit, men's affairs will be so ordered that some one will be led to mine the gold for you; other men's business transactions will be so directed that the gold will be brought toward you, and you must so arrange your own business affairs that you may be able to receive it when it comes to you. Your thought makes all things, animate and inanimate, work to bring you what you want; but your personal activity must be such that you can rightly receive what you want when it reaches you. You are not to take it as charity, nor to steal it; you must give every man more in use value than he gives you in cash value."

Now, I'm quite sure this isn't the answer you're looking for, but it is the answer. You can either accept it or not accept it, the choice is yours. If you choose to accept it and are ready to take the next step, then reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and doing exactly what it tells you to do would be a good place to start. If you don't already have a copy, click or tap the links below to get yours today.

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Thank You; I am the person who wrote this question.
I live at a higher level consciousness, and have worked for many years to be here; And I have made a lot of money too. I believe that we create our own reality through thought, and how we feel about what we think. I have absolute proof in my own life that this statement is true.
My question about Manifesting Dollars (creating through thought and feeling) was intended in a very honest and sincere way. Presently I do believe that we can create anything we want, as long as we have an Iron Strong belief in it, and staying firm in it, no matter what we see in front of us.
Thank You Again,

Tony Mase

That being the case, one might ask why you're asking the question then. I'll leave it at that. You're welcome, and thank you for your comment!

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