Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions I get about my short reports. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, then please feel free to contact me, and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

Are your short reports available in PDF (.pdf) format?

No. My short reports are available exclusively in Kindle ebook format on Amazon.

Do you need a Kindle device or e-reader to read Kindle ebooks?

Absolutely not! Besides the Kindle Cloud Reader, which is a browser-based e-reader that works on any device, Amazon has free Kindle reading apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC that allow you to read Kindle ebooks on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Can you let me know when you release new short reports?

I sure can! I can send you an email every time I release a new short report, when I release it, when you join my short reports club. Here’s the form to join:

Why haven’t I received my confirmation message for Tony Mase’s Short Reports Club?

Please see these two AWeber Knowledge Base articles:

Please pay particular attention to this line in the second of the two articles:

“Although most issues with the delivery of the confirmation message can be resolved through working with the postmaster of most email providers, the quickest and most straight-forward way to a solution is simply to have the subscriber use another address that likely will not carry the same issues.”

Unfortunately, and it’s done for your protection to prevent spam, AWeber does not allow me to override the non-receipt of that confirmation message.

Note: AWeber is the email service provider we use to maintain the email list and manage the emails for Tony Mase’s Short Reports Club.

What exactly is the law of reciprocity that you mention in some of your emails and posts?

You’ll find the answer here.

What if there’s something I’d like to see you write a short report about or address in one of your short reports?

Contact me, and let me know what it is. If it’s something I have enough expertise in to write about or at least address, I’ll add it to my running list of short report ideas for the future. I won’t promise if or when I’ll do something about it, but I’ll certainly consider it. If it’s something I’ve been already considering, your interest may cause me to raise its priority.

If it’s not something I have enough expertise in to write about or at least address, I’ll let you know that. If I can point you to a resource that will help, I will.

Please understand that my schedule doesn’t allow time for answering anything other than support-related questions.

Do you have an affiliate program for your short reports?

Because my short reports are available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle ebook format, you can promote and earn commissions on them as an Amazon Associate.

Do you still do personal coaching and/or have a personal coaching program of some sort?

No, I don”t do personal coaching anymore, and my personal coaching programs are no longer available.

However, I’m incorporating some of the very best of the materials I used in my personal coaching and my personal coaching programs (refined, revised, and updated) into the short reports I’m writing and publishing on Amazon Kindle, and I’m making them available for but a tiny fraction of what it would have cost you for my personal coaching and/or to participate in one of my personal coaching programs.

Why did you stop publishing Wallace D. Wattles and Wallace D. Wattles related ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon?

The answer to that question is rather long and a bit complicated, but let’s just say that:

  1. I’ve decided that I want to expand what I do to a wider audience and not just limit myself to the philosophy and writings of one author and a very tiny handful of closely related authors.
  2. My thinking has evolved quite a bit, especially over the last four years or so, and it would be difficult for me to do what I want to do next in my life with one foot stuck in the past.

I’ll leave it at that for now.

Subscribers to my new email list (Tony Mase’s Short Reports Club) will get glimpses into my current thinking in bits and pieces through the new products I’ll be creating and releasing as time goes on. If you’re not already on that list but would like to be, here’s the form to do so:

What or who do you recommend for … ?

I’m frequently asked what products or services I recommend for this, that, or the other. You’ll find a list of the products and services I recommend here.